August 5, 2016

Diet & Nutrition

We are fortunate to have been offered the services of local accredited sports dietitian, Joseph Wai. Joseph produced two articles for us, based on research available.

The articles are attached below and offer general advice and information which can help athletes perform better and assist the wider community to improve its diet and lifestyle choices.

We encourage you to read these and share them with others.

Joe’s Ten Commandments: Joe’s Framework for Health Eating:
Joe’s advice can assist athletes to perform better and potentially increase playing career length through the adoption of performance based dietary considerations.
Read the attached for all of Joe’s 10 commandments.
Joe’s advice here is generally aimed at those that can benefit from improvements to their diet and may also be looking to reduce weight.
Joe is a realist and provides practical guidelines that are achievable and will get results.




Joe Wai (left) with event Director Justin Scholz
More about Joe Wai at

From the link above you can also access a great range of additional fact sheets produced by Sports Dietitians Australia.