August 5, 2016



  • Entrants will run on the approved course as directed and will not accept outside assistance.
  • Entrants will accept any marshall, event volunteer, organiser or judge’s decision as final.
  • No competitor will be awarded an event placing unless they are wearing an event number on the front of their body visible throughout the entire event.
  • No competitor deemed to have received outside assistance will be eligible for official placings or prizes.
    • This includes but is not limited to an accompanying cyclist, a runner or pacer who is not an entrant in the same event and of the same gender or any person placed deliberately at some point on the course with the intention of providing specific assistance to an entrant.
    • Exceptions include, but are not limited to a person placed within 50m of an official aid station who provides advice and / or nourishment to an entrant, and family and friends that wish to run across the line with an entrant who may do so from the point where the finish chute turns onto the grass section (about 100m from the finish line).
  • Officials, including but not limited to course marshals, drink station attendants, first aid personnel and road traffic control personnel have the authority to disqualify or remove entrants from the course. Failure to obey the direction of an official will result in disqualification.
  • A “fall-back” date of 4 March 2018 is proposed in the case of “extreme” conditions. This may include, but is not limited to temperature forecasts in excess of 36 degrees at 12pm on event day, a flooded course, severe storm warning, other environmental conditions that event organisers consider may place entrants at an unreasonable risk.
  • The Event Organisers reserve the right to reject or cancel any entry in any event at any time particularly in but not limited to weather conditions that make the event dangerous. In any circumstances where cancelation is necessary due to safety concerns entry fees will not be refunded and recompense may not be claimed by entrants for any other consequential loss.
  • Race organisers reserves the right to alter without notice any rules and conditions which govern the event.

Event changes, transfer and withdrawal:

  • Entrants may transfer their entry to a longer event prior to 11 February 2018.
    • If entry pack has not been sent out, entrants may change events paying only the difference in entry fee (at regular prices).
    • If entry pack has been sent out, entrants may change events but must pay the difference in event price and an additional $10 administration charge to cover the cost of a new bib and the timing chip.
  • Entrants may transfer their entry to a shorter event prior to 11 February 2018.
    • If entry pack has not been sent there is no charge for this.
    • A part refund will be paid where the event prices vary by greater than $20 in which case the amount over $20 will be refunded (eg if transferring from Marathon to 5km the price difference could be $55 so a refund of $35 would be made).
    • If entry pack has been sent then an additional $5 administration charge must be added to cover the cost of a new bib and the timing chip.
    • This will be waived if the event being changed to is greater than $20 cheaper than the event initially entered.
    • To change events, please send your request via a contact us form.
  • Entrants may transfer entry to another person, but only if the other person is provided with the event bib and any other entry material supplied to the entrant by organisers.
    • To transfer an entry, the new entrant must complete a full entry form for the same distance, and add comments stating the name of the entrant they are replacing. Entrants doing this should then choose the “other” payment option, and submit their entry.
  • Entrants may withdraw from the event prior to 11 February 2018 and receive a refund minus $20 administration fee, or $25 administration fee if entry bib has been sent by mail (except for super early birds which are not entitled to a refund).
  • No changes to entry details or distances are permitted after 11 February 2018.
  • No refunds will be payable after 11 February 2018.
  • To change basic details (phone numbers, address etc.), logon to your entry form using the details provided in your entry confirmation email. If you entered via paper form (eg Community Team) or have misplaced your confirmation, then contact us for options.

Super Early Bird entries (3 September 2017):

  • Super Early Bird entry fees may not be refunded or transferred or altered under any circumstances.