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10km Walk / Run

Distance = 10km


Cash Prizes 

Outright Male/Female Winners-$250, Male/Female Second Place-$150, Male/Female Third Place-$50

Start time:

7:40am (Sunday 17/03/2024)



Field limit:

No limits


NIL. Both runners and walkers are encouraged to attend no matter what speed but always stay left for safe overtaking.

Aid Stations:

1.7km, 3.7km, 6.9km, 9.3km


0.0km (Start), 8.1km (Apex Park), 10.0km (Finish)


Times will be available from the registration website approx 15 seconds after passing timing points


Age Groups: U18, 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89
Age group prize categories: U18, 18-39, 40+

Course Description

  • Start at rear of Norm Minns / Showground complex near the Magpies Football Clubrooms.

  • Run north and out the gates of the showgrounds complex.

  • Turn right and run along a gravel track and then grass section.

  • Turn left onto the sealed path at the Ovens River.

  • Run along the sealed path to the College St / Park Lane intersection, then cross Park Lane and run on the path along College St.

  • Turn right and run North along Phillipson Street until Cambridge Drive.

  • Run along Cambridge Drive until directed to turn around.

  • Run back along Cambridge Drive and Phillipson Street from the direction you came from earlier.

  • Just before arriving at College Street, turn left onto the sealed cycle path and follow until Park Lane.

  • Cross Park Lane and run along the path until just past the scout hall.

  • Turn left off the sealed surface where directed and run into the Northern Beaches unsealed section.

  • Follow the unsealed track through the Northern Beaches.

  • Turn left onto the sealed cycle path when you exit the Northern Beaches area.

  • Follow the seal all the way back to and past the showgrounds until you arrive at Gray Street.

  • Run down the steep path into the boat ramp area.

  • Follow the path over the first swing bridge and past the second swing bridge until you arrive at Bickerton Street.

  • Turn left at the stock bridge then almost immediately right into Apex Park.

  • Follow the sealed path through Apex Park as directed and signed.

  • Turn right onto the verge of Parfitt Road (main highway through town).

  • Cross the main Ovens River bridge and turn right onto the riverside path and boardwalk.

  • Continue along this path, down a ramp into Sydney beach and cross the swing bridge.

  • Turn left off the swing-bridge and head back to the start area.

  • When you come up the short steep ramp at Evans Street, enter the Showgrounds gates and run along the internal road.

  • Turn onto the grass where directed and run over the finish line!

  • Remember to smile!

Course Map

Map uses Approx measures.  Zoom in for more details.

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