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Community Teams


Community Teams Challenge  – Proudly Sponsored by

The Community Teams event is an opportunity for people to benefit from mutual support. Teams can be family, social, work-place, sporting group or a combination of all of the above.

Individuals who are a part of a team are still eligible for all prizes and awards in the event that they have entered.

2025 prizes for Community Teams are as follows:

  • The winning team will receive a cash payment of $1000, and have their team name added to the Perpetual Community Teams Trophy.

  • The second prize is a cash payment of $500.

Creating a community team is a simple process. To create a team, follow these steps:

  • 1 – Go to the entry page on the website (,

  • 2 – Click the “Enter” button,

  • 3 – Click the “Team” drop down menu.  You can type in a new team, or choose one already created,

  • 4 – Fill in the rest of your details, and your done

  • 5 – If your the team creator, let your team members know the name of your team, and they can add themselves when they register.

Community Team Rules:

  • The winning team will be the team that achieves the highest finisher points

  • The second prize will be drawn at random from all teams that have all members complete their event:

    • To be eligible to be in the draw the team must have a minimum of 5 members

    • Entry to the draw requires ALL members of the team complete their chosen event.

    • Second chance will be randomly drawn by a member of the winning team

Additional Rules:

  • The “Community Teams” event is a completion based award.  It is to encourage participation rather than fast times.

  • Finisher points will be allocated as follows:

    • Entrants that complete the 5km event will be allocated 5 points for the team,

    • Entrants that complete the 10km event will be allocated 10 points for the team,

    • Entrants that complete the Half Marathon event will be allocated 21.1 points for the team,

    • Entrants that complete the Marathon event will be allocated 42.2 points for the team,

    • Entrants in The Primary School Challenge can be part of the team, but no points are awarded.

  • The team must be nominated during the participants entry,

    • Existing entrants may not join a team after completing registration,

    • Only event participants noting team entry details prior to the event will be allocated to the team (eg no team member requests after the event),

  • Individuals who choose to enter multiple events may have results from multiple events included in the Community Team points (scheduling does make it possible for an entrant to run more than one event),

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